Ga tattaba kunnan Sarauniyar Engila

Sarauniyar Engila Elizabeth ta biyu na shakatawa da tattaba kunnan ta.

Ita de Sarauniyar Allah yabata tsahon rai inda ta samu ta ga har tattaba kunayen ta. A yunzu haka itace saruniya da tafi kowacce daddewa a kan ragamer mulkin birtaniya

Ga de hotunan ko kwa ganewa kanku:

A candid new documentary featuring more royals than ever before reveals some never before seen insights into the Queen's life as she reaches her 90th birthday. The Duchess of Cambridge reveals that her son Prince George calls the Queen Gan-GanHer Majesty The Queen at work in Buckingham Palace reading daily correspondence from her 'red box' of official papersThe Duchess says that the Queen gave her gentle guidance towards being in the public eye after she married William The Queen attends the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Women's Institute at the Royal Albert Hall and cuts a centenary fruit cake with Julie Clarke, chairwoman of the WI's North Yorkshire West Federation, the Princess Royal and the Countess of Wessex (right)

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