Kendal Jenner da Harry Styles sun Shakata a Jirgin ruwa

An sami hotunan wannan fitacen mawakin mai suna Harry styles suna shakataa a kan jirgin ruwa tarra da budurwar shi Kendal Jenner.
Jite jite dai da ya fara fita na chewa Harry da kendal sun rabbu amma wa’ennan hotunan ke nuna ba hakaba

Ga dai hotunan ko zaku ganewa kanku

Kendall Jenner (pictured) is shown cuddling up to Styles in many of the leaked pictures. It is rumored the pair are dating. The above photo is not one of the leaked snaps but believed to have been taken around the same time as the stolen pictures Pictures of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner vacationing in St Barts have been leaked and are circulating on Twitter. These images are not from the iPhone but were taken around the same time as the leaked photos 

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