Tauraruwa Kendal Jenner da shiga Mujallar Vogue

Jaruma Kendal Jenner ta yi wani babban Kamu.

A yunzu haka Mujallar Vogue ta sanya Jaruma a shafin farko nata wadda zai fito a makko mai zuwa.

Mujallar dai bata sasnya hoton kowa sai yan mata da suka haddu kuma sukayi ficce.

Ga dai hotunan kakkyawar ko kwa gannewa idanunku:

'She's a planet': As writer of the April edition, Robert Sullivan, says in the feature, Kendall is a force to be reckoned with. The 20-year-old is pictured in a Marc Jacobs sweater with Eberjey bikini bottomsNot for her: As Vogue shadowed the reality star for the day she sat down with Fashion force Tory Burch (left) who quizzed the young model about her future including whether she would go to college. The model said she already has a job, she did not felt she needed to goSocial media star: The model has over 52 million Instagram followers (and this picture holds the record with the most liked with 3.5 likes) and says the trick is being two things - 'organic' and a 'mystery''She is not at all spoiled by those superficial successes': The 20-year-old, of course, already as celebrity and is one of fashion's biggest stars, with the conic Karl Lagerfeld (pictured January) heaping praise on the starCover girl: Kendall Jenner has landed herself on the cover of Vogue for a special Los Angeles and in New York subscribers' editionn

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